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Lexapro (escitalopram) could be prescribed for people that are dealing with the signs of generalised stress and anxiety condition and depression. Lexapro must be considered a number of months or longer if prescribed so by your health and wellness treatment company. You could have to appear for routine appointments with your healthcare provider, especially if you are more youthful than 24. Suicidal ideas and some other signs have actually been reported in that age more often than in people patients. You will should see your medical professional routinely throughout the initial 3-4 months of the treatment to see to it you do not develop any sort of harmful health and wellness effects. If you have any particular clinical problems that could prevent you from enjoying the impacts of your therapy, Make sure you inform your physician. The following ones are very important to report: heart problem, renal system disease, seizures, liver disease, thyroid gland disease, and a recent record of heart strike. Such adverse effects as constipation, belly discomfort, heartburn ( pyrosis ), nausea, sleepiness, boosted appetite, dripping nose, diarrhea, lightheadedness, and completely dry mouth are normal, especially if they show up at the start of you procedure. They should be stated to your health care carrier immediately.

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